Capsule Adventure by Kitan Club and Zarigani Works


If you go to a dedicated gacha center or any place that has bays of gachapon machines on display, you will undoubtedly find a garbage bin with colorful, empty plastic capsules. While some people may prefer keep their gacha safely wrapped in their original plastic bubbles (like me), the vast majority simply take out the toy and discard the empty shells. This of course is a considerable problem, as empty capsules causes substantial plastic waste. Gachapon toy companies like Bandai, T-Arts, and Kitan Club have have tried numerous approaches in reducing plastic waste. Some have reduced the size of their casings, others recycle the plastic or collect and reuse their shells, and others have integrated their capsules as a play feature in their gachapon products.   

These empty capsule bins can be found in most gachapon centers via Nagisa05

Kitan Club (Strange Club) and Zarigani Works (Crayfish Works),  “Capsule Adventure” (カプセルアドベンチャー) series does exactly that with their modular line of buildable capsule vehicle toys. Reminiscent of 70s and 80s robot space toys like Takara’s Microman/ Micronauts and Diakron/ Diaclones, each one of the ten set parts can be used interchangeably to make a myriad of vehicles, space ships and mecha robots.  This product design series makes effective use of the 72 mm capsule it comes packaged with; using it as a cockpit or command center for the included pilot figures, or other mini figs.  Because there are so many different parts, the building accessories can be reused in endless combinations, giving the toy extended play value–and a compelling reason to buy more!

Photo via nuf

It is not apparent whether these kits can be used to with other brands or sizes of gachapon capsules, but the pieces snap into the ventilation holes at the top and bottom of the capsules. Whether it was Kitan Club’s clever idea or not, the scale of these sets seems to be comparable with Fuchiko on Cup, but then again most gachapon figures will fit inside. Either way, seeing gacha figures inside adds a certain kind of smile inducing whimsy to it all. The response has been pretty positive so far from Japanese toy and robot blogs, hopefully Kitan Club and Zarigani Works continue to collaborate with this series, it’s effective reuse of the capsule is certainly a step in the right direction.  

Fuchiko pilots her Adventure Capsule photo via norimoccori
Any kind of mini figs can fit inside photo via ctbn
Mecha robot made from Adventure Capsule parts. Photo via ctbnBF90

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All ten types come in both red and blue colorways.
Stickers are also included for further customization

TYPE-A: Missles and drills
TYPE-B: Cockpit seats with removable humanoid pilot and landing gear
TYPE-C: Caterpillars and claws
TYPE-D: Cockpit seats with removable feline pilot and pod landing gear
TYPE-E:  Mecha legs and top loading missiles

Product Specs:
Title: Adventure Capsule
Japan Title: カプセルアドベンチャー
Manufacturer: Kitan Club and Zarigani Works
Release Date: September 2017
Material: ABS
Dimension: 3-4″
Cost: ¥300
Minibook (coming soon)