Gachapon Machines


Showa Era Gacha Machine Schematic

This is a schematic for a Showa era gacha gacha machine. These capsule toy vending machines were originally made by Konno Industries, a tremendous contributor to the Japanese gachapon industry. It offers an interesting look at the parts and the terminology used.




パネル Panel
プレート Plate
ギア Gear
テーブル Table
コインメック Coin Mech
ハカマ Hakama
天蓋 Tengai / Canopy
芯棒 Shin Bo / Core Rod
本体板 Hontai ban / Body Plate
回転板 Kaiden Ban / Rotating Plate

Retro Yujin Gacha Machines at Toy Tokyo

Here is another example of how some US shops can use Japanese Gacha machines. This beautiful Yujin era “Slimboy” (now of Takara Tomy) has been placed in NYC’s famous Toy Tokyo store, and utilizes official Yujin Gacha tokens. These are purchased with cash at the register. As of August 2017, they were vending old Tomy blister pack figures of Astroboy and Looney Toons and Pokemon figures. Loved the token so much that I had to keep it for my own personal collection.