Recently received this super awesome Ultraman themed “Gacha Gacha” piggy bank from Yahoo Auctions Japan. Released by Banpresto in 2002 as a UFO catcher prize, it stands at just about 6” and it comes in both red and blue colorways. There is also a Kamen Rider version that comes in red and green. It is a fully functional piggy bank and comes with three capsules. To release the capsule toys, you put in a coin (US nickels work) and turn the knob. Absolutely love the super nostalgic design that captures the Showa Era gacha gacha machines. The original gachapon machine this is lovingly based off of was made by the renowned Gacha maker Konno Industries and was widely used from the 1980s till the mid 1990s. Although the vast majority of gachapon venders today use modern Gacha EZ or Capsule Station machines, these iconic Konno Industies machines can still be found in front of old school Dagashiya, or traditional Japanese candy stores. The Japanese people especially in their 30s and 40s have a great affection for these classic machines and the treasures they held when they were children. Swipe for more photos of the toy, including the mini Ultraman gachapon capsules (pvc) and nostalgic dagashiya inspired box art.

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